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Submission #1

My favorite memory of Klaus is the memory of the last good day that I spent with my Dad. Frankenmuth had become a home away from home for my family. Ever since I was a tiny child, I would go with my parents and spend the day in Frankenmuth. A day spent in Frankenmuth was always a good day. Always. And the Cheese Haus was our #1 Must Visit Place. By February 2020 my Dad had been battling cancer for a long time. He was tough though and did really good the day of our Frankenmuth visit. Of course my parents posed for their obligatory picture next to Klaus. After all, a trip to Frankenmuth is not complete without a visit to the mouse. Shortly after that day, our world changed forever. COVID spread the globe and the whole world shut down. And while the world was battling COVID, my Dad was losing his battle with cancer. We lost him on July 18, 2020. The Cheese Haus Mouse picture was the last picture that I took of my Dad. And what a perfect final picture it was. 

Submission #2

While walking down the crowded streets of Frankenmuth for the first time, a peculiar object seized my attention. Its beady eyes full of happiness and excitement intrigued me. Upon further analysis, I realized that it was a mouse. The delicate carvings into this sculpture exclaimed hard work and pride by its creator. As I witnessed a crowd gathered around the object, my mind wandered. Everyone gazed upon Klaus, their interests were spiked within the creativity behind him. However, I stared with deep thought. Year after year, the town gets many visitors. Perhaps, the positivity behind Klaus' eyes had more to reveal. Every day, he indulges in the town's charismatic atmosphere. Contented families overflowing the streets, exuberating pure delight. Feasibly, I considered the possibility that Klaus is more than a mere sculpture. He symbolizes and radiates the merriment town and all it's composed of. Some could argue that Klaus is 'just a statue', nevertheless, I believe that he is a dynamic representation of pure happiness and exemplifies Frankenmuth. My mother's voice suddenly pulls me out of my dazed trance,
"Come on, let's get a picture!" I smile as we all gather around, knowing this photograph would capture our contentment forever. 

Submission #3

It was to be an adventure unlike any our family would ever share, so my husband and I planned the who, what, when, and where.
Spectacular, unforgettable for sure a visit with an iconic mouse, no not the one most expect, he's cute, gray, and lives at the Cheese Haus!
No he doesn't have a kingdom but his magic is "furever" real, as we gathered around him for a picture, a flood of emotions we did feel.
For our grandsons feelings of fun and of joy our grown children sharing a few laughs, three generations standing together, first family picture with their better halves.
This memory means more now than when the memory was made, for a pandemic threatened our family, social distancing the price we paid.
For now we gather around a screen remembering times like these, when a mouse brought us together, sharing love, laughter, and CHEESE!
So when the blessed day comes we are freed from the walls of our house, rest assured the Benedicts return united, to celebrate our favorite mouse, Klaus! 

Submission #4

We’d just had a great night, as they all are in Muth.
We live in the Best Town and that’s just the truth!
But after the wedding the walk seemed so boring,
Til we came to the Cheese Haus. Then no further snoring!
Facebook pics summoned and Mark couldn’t refuse.
But he must be ALONE! (and it wasn’t the booze.)
“Just ME and the MOUSE!” Was the mantra we heard.
No amount of cajoling could Include US with that nerd.
“Klaus is the best. No Mickey will suffice.
Just me and the mouse. The rest are just mice.”
“Just ME and the MOUSE!” (Delivered with force.)
Just ME and the mouse!” We didn’t listen of course.
We got this picture, always viewed with much laughter.
We got this picture. They lived happily ever after.
You can tell other stories. You can make them less cheesy.
But finding a love like Mark and Klaus’ Will never be easy.
Mark got this pic, though not alone,
With his Klaus. Mark got this pic.
How we Love the Cheese Haus!

Submission #5

When the question is asked
Where should we travel
There is never a debate
No one is baffled
Frankenmuth is the request
Because we love it the best
The first stop on our list
The place the kids insist
Is always the Cheese Haus
To visit our friend Klaus
After we have taken our photo
We head inside pronto
We look to see what is new
But stick with our tried and true
After our shopping is complete
We head outside for another treat
Michael, Mario, Jacob, Anna and Sophie
Now add to our Cheese Haus memories
We say a last goodbye to Klaus
​Until our next trip to the Cheese Haus

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